About us

Kent Street Veterinary Clinic was established more than 40 years ago and has been an integral part of Canberra's community. Since 2013 we are under new ownership but our goal remains the same: we provide pets with the highest possible standard of compassionate veterinary care.

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Dr. Nonna Green - Registered Veterinary Surgeon


Nonna studied veterinary science in Ukraine before coming to Australia in 1996. Her degree of Doctor of Veterinary Medicine was recognised by the University of Queensland in 2000. 

Upon completion, Dr. Green worked at many different clinics in Canberra. Nonna has attended many professional conferences, seminars and practical workshops in Australia and overseas, and has also completed a specialised course on Feline Medicine, developing a great interest in geriatric and preventative medicine.


Currently Dr. Green works as a principal vet at the Kent Street Veterinary Hospital in Deakin, Australian Capital Territory. Her extensive work in various small animal practices has equipped her with a broad experience and deep knowledge of the profession.


Nonna is a proud mother of two beautiful girls. She also owns three cats: Maya, Skylar and Amira.



Amber Arthur - Veterinary Nurse



Tanya Lyamina - Veterinary Nurse



Clelia Morgan - Junior Veterinary Nurse