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About us

Kent Street Veterinary Clinic was established more than 40 years ago and has been an integral part of Canberra's community. Since 2013 we are under new ownership but our goal remains the same: we provide pets with the highest possible standard of compassionate veterinary care.



Dr. Nonna Green - Registered Veterinary Surgeon and Practice Owner,

Member of Australian Veterinary Association 


Nonna studied veterinary science in Ukraine before coming to Australia in 1996. Her degree of Doctor of Veterinary Medicine was recognised by the University of Queensland in 2000. 

Upon completion, Dr. Green worked at many different clinics in Canberra. Nonna has attended many professional conferences, seminars and practical workshops in Australia and overseas, and has also completed a specialised course on Feline Medicine, developing a great interest in geriatric and preventative medicine.


Currently Dr. Green works as a principal vet at the Kent Street Veterinary Hospital in Deakin, Australian Capital Territory. Her extensive work in various small animal practices has equipped her with a broad experience and deep knowledge of the profession.


Nonna is a proud mother of two beautiful girls. She also owns three cats: Maya, Skylar and Amira.



Tanya Lyamina - Veterinary Nurse

Tanya is a veterinary surgeon who graduated Moscow University in 2005. Tanya has been with Kent Street Veterinary Clinic since 2020.


Tanya is preparing for the National Veterinary Exams in the near future. Currently she works as a senior clinical nurse and takes a big part in anaesthetic monitoring.


Tanya has three children and owns two big furry puppy dogs. Tanya is interested in Horse Riding, Canine Medicine and reading.  



Tammy Elliston - Veterinary Nurse

Tammy works as a nurse at Kent Street Veterinary Clinic. In 2022, Tammy completed Certificate III in Animal Care Services at the Canberra Institute of Technology and is now studying Certificate IV: Veterinary Nursing.


Tammy has worked for many years in the past throughout early childhood in a variety of specialisations and has recently changed careers to pursue her passion in taking care of animals.


In her spare time, Tammy enjoys engaging in activities that are walking and undertaking recreational gym classes. Tammy has three active and beautiful boys, a Chihuahua, and many Netherland Dwarf Rabbits.


Gillian Gamble - Receptionist 

After recently retiring from a career in education, Gillian works as a receptionist two-days a week at Kent Street Veterinary Clinic.


Gillian has also been a client with us for many years and has a dog named Honey and a cat named Lola.


Outside her profession, Gillian has an interest in ceramics, painting, gardening, walking and most of all: her animals.

Madeleine Green - Receptionist 

Madeleine is our receptionist at Kent Street Veterinary Clinic, she also manages some administrative elements of the business. Currently Madeleine studies at the University of Canberra undertaking a double bachelor’s degree of Politics and International Relations/Bachelor of Arts.


Since an early age, Madeleine has really loved being around animals and having this opportunity to be around animals has brought her great joy into learning more about veterinary science. Madeleine is also the daughter of Dr. Nonna.


Aside from her University Studies, Madeleine has a passion for classic literature and ascertaining extensive research corresponding to the Japanese language and culture through political spheres most prominently.

Rebecca Grafen - Veterinary Nurse

Originally from Perth, Rebecca works as a nurse and helps out at the reception at Kent Street Veterinary Clinic. Rebecca has had two and a half years of continuous volunteering at the National Zoo & Aquarium in Canberra.


Rebecca’s qualifications include completing Certificate III in Animal Care Services/Animal Studies at the Canberra Institute of Technology and currently studying Certificate IV: Veterinary Nursing.


She loves all kinds of animals including insects and her childhood dream was to become an entomologist. Within her spare time, Rebecca enjoys undertaking in environmentalist activities that include collecting 10c CD’s, bottles, and cans.


She also enjoys collecting various Funko Pop Vinyls from many different pop culture franchises and recreationally playing video games. 

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